Squashed Quokka Games


Features :

- complete rules for the use of many types of units, including vehicles and infantry.
- holographic projectors, magic and other neat tech that allow you to do nasty things to your opponent.
- media rules that mean the perfect camera shot is just as important as tactical concerns.
- design rules for FENRIR, and other units.
- a complete campaign and detailed background information and more!!



Features :

- rules that include a unique mix of card and board game play.
- Special FX that you can use simulate action\horror movie cliches.
- comes with cards, counters and full colour board tiles.
- includes the complete module Zombie Manor.



These games are currently in development:

Designed by : Psigh Dimitrios and Robert Dobson

Gram was almost thrown from his safety harness as the disruption field took the full force of the missile attack. The computer was bleating about some sort of malfunction in its droning voice, but he wasn't listening. Somewhere over there was another pilot, in another mechanical humanoid, and no feelings of good will. Gram watched as the network's camera man filmed from a safe distance. "If it's a show they want", he thought grimly "It's a show they'll get".

PIKE : War in Utopia is a humorous table top wargame where players battle each other with FENRIR (Fusion Engine Non-Robotic Intercept Raider), huge battle machines. Humanity has discovered utopia on Neo-Earth where their every whim is catered for by nano-technology in computer controlled cities.

But after a while eternal bliss gets a bit dull...

Now war has begun again. And the fight is not for land or power, but ratings. Millions of "watchers" sit glued to their television sets as average citizens or "talent" battle it out for their entertainment. On Neo-Earth ratings are paid with blood..


Designed by : Psigh Dimitrios

Violent Loonies with Big Guns is a card-board game that draws it's inspiration from b-grade action and horror films.

Players take on the role of the unstable gun-toting hero or their evil opponent. Fight it out with a small arsenal and a truck load of action cliches.

Who will win?

The maniacal, violent, psychopath with uzi or... the bad guy.


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